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23 Nov 2023

Brett Hill and Damon Hopkins of Broadstone: Managing sustainable employee benefits in volatile economic times

Brett Hill, Head of Health & Protection and Damon Hopkins, Head of DC Workplace Savings at Broadstone Financial Solutions Limited, speak at the REBA Future Forum 2023.

This 20-minute video from REBA’s Future Forum explores how to manage sustainable employee benefits in volatile economic times.

The post-pandemic landscape represents a paradigm shift in the need and demand for employee benefits - from increased financial insecurity and reduced financial wellbeing, to a public health crisis driving a reduction in the health of the UK workforce, a mental health epidemic and increased competition for talent and rising recruitment costs.

As the landscape has shifted, so have the demands and needs of employers and employees. Watch this session to explore:

  • Rising employee financial insecurity and the increasing expectation for more employer support/contributions
  • Why employer-funded healthcare is an increasingly essential people asset risk management tool for businesses
  • Why GIP cover and the growing range of wellbeing and early intervention services contained within it is an increasingly important tool for reducing sickness absence and keeping employees in the workplace
  • How do these sit against increasing pressures on affordability and sustainability?
  • Effective strategies for improving financial security and retirement outcomes while managing medium term healthcare and risk claims (leading to increased premium costs) to support sustainable benefit programmes in this ‘new normal’

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