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Carrot Fertility global report: Fertility at work

The study looks at how employees around the world want to be supported at work in their fertility and family-forming journeys

Almost three quarters of the 5,000 respondents across the UK, US, Canada, India and Mexico say they would stay at their company longer if they had access to fertility benefits. 

More than 60% believe that employees in their country should have better access to fertility benefits, and 59% said such benefits are the top global solution to the issue.

Infertility has become more common, with World Health Organization data suggesting it affects 1 in 6 people worldwide, the report states.

Key findings

  • 97% of respondents globally expressed a desire for more employer-led support in addressing fertility care needs in the workplace
  • 55% say that workplace challenges, such as career growth considerations, are the most common roadblock to starting a family
  • 65% would change jobs to work for a company that offers fertility benefits

April 2023

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