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16 Sep 2020

James Shillaker managing director of Incorpore on putting wellbeing front and centre

James Shillaker MD of Incorpore spoke at the virtual Employee Wellbeing Congress 2020 on 16 September about the importance of not burying wellbeing in the benefits platform, but bringing it front and centre.

In light of the current Covid-19 situation, he considered the mental, physical and social wellbeing costs to employees that working from home poses, which include weight gain and inactivity, loneliness, a negative impact on mental health and burnout. He outlined the NHS advice that was given to tackle these issues and said that he was pleased to see the inclusion of exercise in this advice.

He described how in 2021 more clinical wellbeing employee benefit messages will be coming through. The talk of '360 degree' wellbeing will be phased out as it could be misleading to employees who think by using these benefits everything is covered which may not be true. He added that it might be time for employers to review and revise employee benefits packages to ensure the right wellbeing messages are being sent to employees with a focus on fitness and wellbeing, gym membership discounts and health assessments.

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