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29 Sep 2022
by Mike Dalby

Mike Dalby of AXA Health on connecting wellbeing with business strategy

Employee wellbeing strategies continue to mature and become an essential part of core business values and goals

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REBA’s Employee Wellbeing Research 2022 highlighted that employee wellbeing strategies are not just an essential part of core business values and goals, there are also customer benefits too, which should not be overlooked: 68% agreed that employee wellbeing strategies also help you better serve your customers. 

As we emerge from the turmoil of the last two years and understand more about the ongoing shifts in workplace dynamics, we need to ensure that we stay people-centric. For office workers, increased reliance on digital working practices was already driving a more sedentary life. And now, elimination of the commute and even the simple act of moving between meetings and desks, while we remain at home, could lead to a new low in physical activity. Alongside that is a consistently high level of mental intensity – a combination that can cause real harm. Hybrid and flexible working can, if poorly implemented, result in isolation and a lost sense of meaningful work, and we must address the concerning trends of increased stress, anxiety and burnout. 

Creating supported journeys 

For employees, a sense of connection is part of the wellbeing mix that we as strategy owners must consider. More than half (54%) of organisations are prioritising improving links and pathways between existing benefits for 2022. We all want to be treated as individuals, heard and understood and have personally relevant solutions offered to us. This is something close to AXA Health’s vision to support more people be the best version of themselves. Our online GP services have offered ease of accessible support for all our customers and the development of our new AXA Health App crucially provides employees with a better understanding of their mind and body health while providing more personalised signposting to their available benefits and services. 

Doing right by all 

Wellbeing programmes must be accessible to all – by design. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and wellbeing strategy are intrinsically linked, both providing a sense of belonging. Inclusivity shines out as a priority for many in this year’s report. 

Employees’ health journeys can provide the insights needed to identify gaps in provision and help build a more inclusive wellbeing approach for the future. One such opportunity is to align benefits and support services to key life-stages. 

A key cog to consider 

More than eight in ten (81%) of those with a well-defined strategy address line manager health directly. Line managers play a huge part in the success and failure of employers’ wellbeing plans. Their responsibility to the health of their teams, and their own wellbeing, is a business risk. How they support colleagues, contribute to future strategy and signpost benefits can make a material difference to the success of wellbeing strategies across the organisation. 

Every mind and body matters 

To support all, we must equip our workforces with the right tools and knowledge, and empower them to take ownership of their health. The 80% of you developing use of preventative/ lifestyle healthcare measures are on the right path – taking proactive measures to drive education and personal understanding while intervening early should a health need emerge. 

Over the next two years the number of employers using wellbeing key performance indicators is forecast to increase by 400%. Moving from engagement data figures to actionable insight is a key enabler in supporting every individual and connecting wellbeing with business strategy. 

A strong focus remains the ask if we’re to best connect wellbeing for the employee and your business, one where AXA Health are happy to support.

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