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24 May 2022

REBA Technical Training Guide to Digital Health and the Flexible Workforce

This technical guide from REBA, in association with BHSF, explores how digital health tools can help support a flexible workforce. Full of practical tips, industry insights and expert knowledge, this guide shows employers how they can help all employees focus on being physically and mentally healthy, no matter how and where they work.

Our working habits, personal priorities and wellbeing behaviours have all been transformed by our experiences over the past two years. And although employers and employees are still debating long-term policies around working patterns, technology will be vital to enable effective work – as well as making sure that employees have a consistent experience in terms of workplace culture, access to benefits and wellbeing. 

In this new practical guide from REBA, in association with BHSF, we investigate how the pandemic has reshaped workplace wellbeing and take a closer look at the digital health revolution, and explore what it means for employee wellbeing benefits and campaigns in the future.

What you will find out:

  • How the pandemic has reshaped workplace wellbeing
  • Five wellbeing challenges for employers
  • What digital health tools are available
  • Steps to switch employees on to digital health
  • How to drive improvements in staff health
  • How to identify myths that stop employees using wellbeing tools

Report authors

Samantha Barrett

Samantha Barrett

Freelance journalist specialising in employee benefits, protection and personal finance

Shelley Rowley

Shelley Rowley

Chief commercial officer, BHSF

Maggie Williams

Maggie Williams

Content Consultant, Reward & Employee Benefits Association

In partnership with BHSF

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