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Report: Parental Leave Policy & Reward Benchmark 2021

Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions has published its latest policy and practice insights into the future of parental leave. It explores what average, good and excellent employer support for new parents looks like, and allows readers to benchmark against others in its league table of parental leave policies.

Report: Parental Leave Policy & Reward Benchmark 2021 1

Key findings

  • 79% of employers currently enhance Maternity (and Adoption / Surrogacy) pay beyond the statutory minimum
  • 67% of employers currently enhance Paternity or Partner leave pay
  • 48% of employers currently enhance Shared Parental Leave pay
  • There are now many maternity/adoption packages with 26+ weeks’ enhanced pay. The majority who offer enhanced paternity leave still offer just two weeks at full pay, while 21% now offer more than this
  • Many employers are using other key ways of engaging and retaining talented people, including: facilitating a phased return; establishing a parents’ network; online/app-based coaching/advice; wellbeing services (e.g. antenatal classes, gym, yoga); providing parental leave coaching; and training to line managers.

Almost 700 companies and organisations in the UK responded to the survey.

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