Why creating clear pathways to improved wellbeing is a breeze

Health Shield’s wellbeing platform Breeze offers a range of employee benefits, however what makes it stand out is its holistic approach to wellbeing. Breeze recognises that employee wellbeing is more than a bunch of perks. This is why employees will not only receive access to services such as GP Anytime, 24/7 counselling and support, on-demand physio and discounts on big brands, but also a personal space to track their health and wellbeing progress.

Why creating clear pathways to improved wellbeing is a breeze

With such a tailored approach, Breeze is not a ‘one size fits all’ platform. Each and every employee has their own individual log in, with personalised content based on their preferences. Finding a solution that fits their business and meets the needs of their employees is what many organisations struggle to achieve when ironing out their wellbeing strategy and, therefore, actually meet the true needs of the business. However, Breeze is focussed solely on the employee, and with individuality at its core, helps meet the needs of everyone whilst building an overall picture of the health of your workforce.

Once you’ve registered your employees, there are three short wellbeing assessments which they can complete. This helps us provide personalised content from industry experts and recommendations based on their results. Whilst employees’ individual results are completely confidential, you’ll still be able to see a company-wide view of the wellbeing of your people and identify where improvements could be made.

For your employees, these short assessments can help identify areas of their wellbeing that need a bit of TLC. For example, their Mental Wellbeing Assessment results may show they need additional support in coping with stress. Breeze is able to use this data to serve supporting content and help them overcome their challenges through online counselling or tips for dealing with stress.

The other assessments available include the Lifestyle Assessment and Financial Wellbeing Assessment. Once completed, your employees will have their own dashboard that displays their results and links to additional support. It’s important to note that employees should be encouraged to complete their assessments at regular intervals to be able to track their progress. As their employer, you’ll have your own dashboard that displays their anonymised results, showing the overall health and wellbeing of your workforce.

Breeze creates clear pathways to improve wellbeing by creating a completely unique user experience based on employees’ interests and assessment results. Educating employees to lead a healthier lifestyle, whether that be physically or mentally, is at the heart of Breeze. From insightful blog articles and videos to healthcare services – it couldn’t be easier for an employee to find expert health advice they need, when they need it.

Are you ready to say goodbye to woolly wellbeing and say hello to Breeze? Find out more.

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