Report: PwC Women in Work Index

PwC’s latest Women in Work Index found that opportunities continued to improve for women in the UK. This was due to rising female employment rates, a narrowing gender pay gap and a reduction of the gap between male and female labour force participation rates.

Key findings:

  • Closing the gender pay gap in the UK could take until 2041. Achieving this could boost female earnings by £85bn a year.
  • The UK was ranked 13th out of 33 OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries and second only to Canada in the G7 (the seven major advanced economies according to the International Monetary Fund).
  • Job differences between men and women, both across industries and job roles, was found to be one of the biggest factors leading to a gap in earnings.
  • The Index also suggested that higher quality roles for women in the workplace were needed to help address imbalances.

The Index measured female economic empowerment across 33 OECD countries based on five key indicators.