Research: Re:Me The importance of individualism in a changing world

MetLife’s latest research, Re:Me outlines the importance of individualism in a changing world. It explores four main areas: recognise, realign, reassure and redefine.

This first report focuses on the need to recognising staff as individuals. It explores how and why organisations should strive to recognise staff as the individuals they are. And why it’s crucial to continually consider their changing needs in order to drive greater trust, care and productivity.

Key findings

  • The pandemic has led to a revolution in the workplace – changing how we work, where we work, and resetting relationships between employees and employers. 72% of UK employers feel the relationship has now changed, as do 62% of employees.
  • 49% of employees who felt their relationship had worsened with their employer, also felt their productivity had decreased.
  • 71% of employees now feel ‘employers have a social responsibility to their employees’. A belief that beyond work itself, employers now have an increased role in their welfare, wellbeing and even overall happiness.
  • A sizeable 68% of employees feel that ‘companies who care will attract the best talent’ and this shift is felt just as strongly by employers themselves (66%).
  • Two thirds of employers (67%) confirmed their current employee benefits packages are evolving to support employees’ needs today. And approximately the same number (64%) have been ‘promoting benefits more during and since the pandemic’.