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27 Mar 2024
by Jo Gallacher

Howden's Cheryl Brennan: Providing meaningful healthcare benefits

Cheryl Brennan, MD of Howden Employee Benefits and Wellbeing, sits down with REBA content director Jo Gallacher to discuss benefit equity and her top tips for employers battling with rising health costs.

This video was recorded at REBA’s Future of Workplace Health & Protection Summit on 6 March 2024. 

Brennan said: "Employers are going to have to continue to answer that question around benefit equity for all.

"We're in a very different climate today and we have to understand why are we providing those benefits and ask ourselves some serious questions. Only then can you ensure you're doing the right things to achieve those objectives. And data and insights is key in that." 

Watch the video to find out more about how benefits are evolving to become a key part of a people risk strategy.



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