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03 Aug 2021
by Dawn Lewis

Michelle Sequeira of Mercer on the rise of human values and purposeful business

CEOs are being put under increasing pressure to meet environmental, social and governance measures (ESG), or risk seeing shareholders invest elsewhere. In this interview, REBA’s Debi O’Donovan is joined by Michelle Sequeira, UK diversity, equity and inclusion consulting leader at Mercer, to discuss how organisations are moving to address this pressure.

Human values and purposeful business 
Environmental, social and governance (ESG) 
Creating a fair workplace 
Pay gaps: ethnicity, gender and low pay 

“UK firms are increasingly cognisant of the need to make sure that their corporate culture, their values, their purpose, is aligned with societal and human views,” explains Sequeira.

“The reason for this is stakeholders, whether that’s customers, employees, investors or even the media, expect organisations to live their company values. And this is clearly demonstrating that their policies, their practices and their benefits actually fit with what is presented to the outside world.”

REBA’s recent Aligning Corporate Culture and Human Values research, together with Mercer Marsh Benefits, explored how organisations can meet objectives ranging from environmental targets and workforce diversity goals, through to company purpose and having a wellbeing culture, and why boards need the experience, insight and support of their HR, reward and benefits teams.

This second report in REBA’s three-part Transforming Engagement series offers context and practical steps to support businesses in rethinking organisational culture, so that it engages employees and reduces people risks. 

Download report one People risk: why the need for change is urgent.

Download report two Aligning corporate culture and human values.

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