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24 Jan 2024
by Samantha Barrett

Tina Samson of Molson Coors on developing a global benefits strategy

Employee feedback can provide valuable insight when establishing a multinational benefits strategy, explained Tina Samson during a recent REBA webinar

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An employee survey provided a useful starting point for Molson Coors when it began the process of building a global benefits strategy, according to the company’s Reward Program Director, EMEA & APAC, Tina Samson.

Speaking on the Building a realistic and achievable multinational benefits strategy REBA webinar on 8 November 2023, Samson explained how the survey meant the global beverage company could define its strategy. 

Molson Coors is split into two divisions, the US and the EMEA and APAC division, where Samson works. Her division has more than 7,000 employees in 50 countries, across manufacturing, sales and home and office-based staff. “We’re on a five-year journey to create a global benefits strategy but it is already well-established,” she said. 

This puts Molson Coors ahead of the game, according to REBA’s poll of webinar attendees. It found that just 13% have a well-established multinational benefits strategy, with most – 41% partly established and 28% at the early stages – still formulating their approach. 

One of the first steps Samson took was to survey employees in early 2022. “Based on that feedback, we were able to define our strategy,” she said. “We split it into three pillars: visibility, as employees said they didn’t know what benefits they had; a benefits framework across the division; and a benefits platform to house that framework.”  

Demonstrating how lengthy the process can be – and providing a useful checklist for organisations at the beginning – Samson outlined some of the key milestones:

  • Get senior HR buy-in to ensure alignment of benefits and overall people strategy
  • Assess benefits provision, costs and legislation in different countries and regions  
  • Benchmark existing benefits to identify opportunities
  • Create a brand to deliver a consistent look and feel
  • Determine the benefits structure and implementation timetable
  • Get senior leadership buy-in to – and investment into – the overall strategy