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13 Dec 2019
by Dawn Lewis

Video: REBA’s Women’s Health in the Workplace breakfast

Watch Sally King, founder of Menstrual Matters; Soraya Chamberlain, head of corporate sales & strategic accounts at AXA PPP Healthcare; and Meg Horvath, trustee at Wellbeing of Women, as they discuss why there is so much interest in women's health, what employers need to consider and their key takeaways from REBA's Women's Health in the Workplace breakfast event in association with AXA PPP Healthcare.

The event brought together academics, employers and organisations from the charity sector to discuss the importance of recognising and supporting female employees’ health.

King highlights that employers need to increase their understanding of women's health needs so that they can recognise when someone might need additional support.

"It's perfectly natural to have changes in levels of energy, or to have a menstrual cycle; it's a perfectly normal human experience, and it's not something that's gross or something that shouldn't be talked about in the workplace," she says.

Chamberlain adds that attitudes towards women's health are changing and there are two or three things driving that.

"In particular, female leadership - females are reaching board-level more and more - the issue of menopause causes concerns for those individuals and for their colleagues and the people around them, they need support in understanding what those issues are," she says.

Horvath concludes that the increasing amount of discussion around women's health will help organisations to work out what is right for their business.

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