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05 Jun 2024
by Jo Gallacher

What to expect at REBA’S Wellbeing Conference 2024 

Seven topics attendees can expect to hear more about at this year’s REBA Wellbeing Congress 

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With over 80 exhibitors and an impressive line-up of more than 40 expert speakers, this year’s REBA Wellbeing Congress on 20 June 2024 is an invaluable opportunity for reward and benefits directors to understand how wider societal, economic, environmental and technological shifts are impacting employee expectations and experiences of work. 

It’s also a unique chance to network with senior peers, tap into leading-edge thinking and hear about the latest products, services and offerings that can support the right strategic investment in benefits for your organisation.

Here’s just a flavour of what you’ll learn about on the day, or check out the full agenda of our panels, masterclasses and roundtables. 

1. Practical ways to unlock everyone’s health

REBA’s Employee Wellbeing Research 2024, in partnership with AXA Health, will be launched live at this year’s Wellbeing Congress.  

Now in its ninth year, the research will uncover the shifting responsibilities in workplace wellbeing and deliver practical tips on how to create a wellbeing strategy fit for the future.  Attendees will be able to take home a physical copy of the research, with the report downloadable to REBA members the day after the event.

Vitality will also present a speaker session on rethinking wellbeing and why box-ticking exercises are not enough to keep the workforce well, and Apiary Life will deliver a workshop on how to mitigate the economic and emotional impact of life events on your workforce.  

2. The impact of rising healthcare costs 

Managing and mitigating the cost of employee healthcare is top of mind for many employers, so how can organisations ensure they’re receiving a good return on investment at a time of rising healthcare costs? 

The first panel of the day will speak to employers including DHL Group and Diageo on the current trends in health and protection benefits. 

If you want to learn more about health trusts, hear from Healix in its session on the complexities of health trusts and the role of a nurse-led service. HCML will also share their case study on how a healthcare trust has delivered more than £40 million in cost savings for Centrica. 

3. Linking productivity and wellbeing 

Productivity and wellbeing have always been interlinked, but there is now a greater focus on unpicking how and why. MetLife will deliver a talk on rising staff absences and how preventative, protection and risk benefits can motivate and engage employees. Later in the day, AWE will present a case study on redefining the recipe of workplace productivity, in association with Unum UK. 

4. Encouraging workplace wellbeing across a multi-generational workplace

Multi-generational workforces are innovative, create a healthy talent pipeline and promote the sharing of different perspectives. However, creating a benefits strategy which works for all can be challenging. 

Hymans Robertson Personal Wealth will deliver a talk on the unique financial challenges facing mid-lifers, while Cushon will explore how to create employee ownership of pensions to drive value, engagement and retention. 

Our employer panel will discuss how Gen Z are shaking up the employee experience and what workforce wellbeing issues are coming down the line, while KareHero’s masterclass will detail how to mitigate the risks of healthcare costs and long-term illnesses while retaining great talent. 

5. What’s new in financial wellbeing

Given an extended period of high inflation, our employer panel, including representatives from KPMG and OVO, will discuss what’s new in pay and reward packages and how to design structures to get pay transparency right. 

Drawing on insight from the REBA Financial Wellbeing Research 2023, WEALTH at work will present the latest thinking and perspectives on key topics set to shape future financial wellbeing strategies and how financial wellbeing can help support wider HR goals. 

Nudge will also be discussing the latest insights from its 2024 Global Financial Wellbeing Research, with a deep dive in how to help your people achieve its financial goals. 

Attendees will also be able to hear more about Wagestream’s world-first study exploring the impact financial stress has on cognition, decision making and mental wellbeing.

6. Developing inclusive benefits

Attendees will be able to access the latest WTW global wellbeing data and hear directly from employers as they debate if inclusive employee benefits genuinely create equality. 

All delegates can take part in our peer-to-peer roundtable discussions to share insights and experiences. A wide range of topic options are on offer, including global benefits design to support inclusive and equitable access and reviewing benefits for value, impact and effectiveness. 

Hertility will explore how using family-forming benefits can improve inclusion and employee retention. Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing will also present the REBA Benefits Design Research 2024 in a masterclass on how business and cost pressures will drive the need for more evidence-based benefits strategies. 

7. The evolution of benefits technology 

Employees now expect greater personalisation when it comes to their benefits, including how they are communicated. Peppy will host its first ever demo of its new AI-first employee benefits communication platform and present on the role of AI in reward and benefits. Mercer Marsh Benefits will also deliver a session on the ever-evolving role of employee benefits software in employee wellbeing.  

The importance of data will undoubtedly be a key area of discussion, with TELUS Health and Barnett Waddingham both presenting speaker sessions on how to use data more effectively when developing a reward and benefits strategy.

Gallagher will also present on how employers can develop a pragmatic approach to data and analytics. 

The REBA Wellbeing Congress will welcome exhibitors covering all of your benefits and wellbeing supplier needs, from will writing and legal support, to reward and recognition platforms, support for carers and nutrition education, as well as consultants and benefits platforms. Iit will also host keynote sessions from Claudia Winkleman and Kimberley Wison and expert speaker session throughout the day. 

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