rebaLINK: how to source a new global HRIS system

Last month one of our rebaLINK users asked for recommendations for a global HRIS system. Although we can’t recommend one, we do have a wealth of knowledge at our disposal to help employers select one.

rebaLINK: how to source a new global HRIS system

Do your research

Undertaking extensive market research can be really important and help to cement your thinking when it comes to deciding on your system requirements. Here is a selection of the latest research looking at market trends:

Top tips for selecting a system

Choosing any global system is far from straightforward, with many organisations requiring a stringent and comprehensive list of requirements. Yet, before even going out to market there are several things employers need to do to understand exactly what they want from any new system.

Justine Woolf, director of consulting at Innecto, outlines four steps to ensuring that you’re making the right reward technology investment. This includes: considering your objectives; doing a technology audit; undertaking research; and building a business case.

Once you have built your business case and decided on your objectives, you can begin researching suitable suppliers. Here are some top tips on what to look out for when choosing a global provider.

Broader considerations

There are of course other considerations that might not be immediately apparent when selecting a system, such as how employees will interact and engage with the system. The employee experience can be critical to the success of a new system, particularly those that support employee benefits. Read this article on how to use benefits technology to make the employee experience more personal.

Finally, a major consideration when implementing any new system is its longevity. Many of these systems are a long-term investment for the organisation and so you need to be confident that it will still be fit for purpose in five to 10 years’ time.

Beyond checking with any potential provider about the longevity of any system, it’s worth understanding what we can expect from systems in the years to come. Matt Macri-Waller, founder & CEO at Benefex, offers his view on what he thinks the reward and benefits platform of 2025 will look like.

The author is Dawn Lewis, content editor at REBA.

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