Report: Modern Families Index’ 2019

Working Families’ annual ‘Modern Families Index’ 2019 has revealed employees continue to be blighted by a lack of flexible working and improper job design that forces them to work extra unpaid hours.


Its poll of 2,750 workers found 78% worked more than their contracted hours – with 60% of these claiming it was necessary to deal with their workload.


It revealed that even though 86% of staff want to work flexibly, it is still seen as a ‘perk’ rather than a right, with less than half (49%) able to work when they want to. The report also found:


  • 47% of staff claim their current working culture impacts their ability to spend time with their children
  • 47% said the boundary between work and home had become too blurred by technology


It also revealed part-time workers consider themselves less likely to be promoted. Only 21% of part time staff believe they’ll be promoted in the next three years compared to 45% of permanent employees.