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07 Jan 2021

How to motivate your team to look after their wellbeing in 2021

2020 was a year of extreme anxiety, change and adjustment for the vast majority of working professionals – juggling work, parenting and self-care proved a huge challenge and will remain so in 2021. Even the companies best set up to cope with at-home working on a mass scale were faced with the mammoth task of looking after the physical and mental wellbeing of a scattered workforce. 


A recent survey by YuLife and YouGov found that 50% of employees don’t feel supported whilst working from home. So what more can be done this year to support, inspire and engage teams on their own wellbeing journey?

Read on to see how you can motivate your employees to prioritise their own wellbeing well into the New Year and beyond.

Reward healthy behaviours

A 2019 study of more than 800 million activities by Strava, predicted that most people abandon their New Year’s Resolutions by 19 January. This could be due to the fact that people set high, unobtainable goals and don’t build up healthy habits over time, meaning they quickly lose motivation when they don’t see results. 

YuLife’s Chief Wellbeing Officer, Dr Rangan Chatterjee, says that starting small and introducing easy-to-do activities, such as breathing exercises and short walks, throughout the working day will lead to the creation of long-term, healthy habits.

With YuLife, gamification tactics are used to inspire people to keep checking in and exhibiting healthy behaviours, as well as rewarding employees for taking challenges such as meditation and walking with YuCoin: an in-app currency that can be utilised as vouchers at some of their favourite retailers.

Our research shows that 44% of employees want rewards for healthy living from their employer, and 65% say that they would do more physical activity if they were rewarded by their employer. There is a real opportunity to see a tangible improvement in team wellbeing and happiness using rewards.

Cater to different interests 

It’s easy enough to provide a blanket subsidised gym programme for all of your employees, but engagement might be low, which means you’re not getting the most value for money – especially with the prospect of long-term gym closures and working from home becoming a permanent fixture. With teams of varying fitness levels and interests, being flexible is key in enabling your employees to look after their wellbeing.

Introducing digital fitness and mindfulness options that can be utilised to fit in with your team’s schedules and space allowances will ensure they’re more able to prioritise their wellbeing (or they have less excuse not to!). With partners like Calm and Headspace, as well as at-home workout app Fiit, YuLife wants to help all of our members to live healthier lives. 

Remove barriers to accessing wellbeing resources

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, having access to tools that will protect and improve wellbeing were more limited by time and availability constraints. Getting doctor’s appointments at the local surgery may have been difficult. People who were struggling mentally came up against red tape and long wait times to get access to counselling and other services.

With the rapid development of digital options, it’s never been easier to provide employees with a comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) that can help them to look after their mental wellbeing during tough times. Making your team aware of the resources available to them means they can be used at their discretion.

YuLife members get access to Smart Health, a 24/7 virtual GP service that enables an employee to be seen either over the phone or via video chat without lengthy waiting times.  

Find out how you can have happier, healthier employees this year

With YuLife, your employees will have access to a comprehensive wellbeing package, including a life insurance policy, EAP, Smart Health virtual GP, and the wellbeing app. Click here to get in contact and find out what YuLife can do for your team this year.

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